Hi, This is Pam Obasa

I’m an actress turned entrepreneur. A London girl with unshakable faith and big dreams. You’ll find me obsessively loving my husband, my kids whilst planning our next adventure. Oh… I also love Jollof!

I didn’t always have this life…

The lucrative business, amazing husband and wonderful kids. Life has hit me hard BUT I rise up each time.

QUESTION: Have you ever been on the path of having your wildest dreams come true, only to have everything crash to the ground right before your eyes?

…like a car driving alongside the beautiful countryside and all of a sudden hitting a bump, flying into mid-air and landing on the ground in pieces.

That was my life. Fresh out of Drama School, I immediately landed lead roles at top London Theatres and in Television and Radio. I even had the opportunity to work alongside BAFTA award-winning Actors Jude Law and Colin Firth in Feature films.

Life couldn’t be any sweeter.

However, all those achievements quickly came to a halt when as I was preparing to have my first baby, my daughter, the unthinkable happened. I lost her at birth. This was my lowest moment

Battling with grief, I really struggled to find any meaning to life. But I knew that I could either spiral into deeper depression, or find the strength to rise up again. I had to make a decision...

Finding Success

I wasn’t sure what I wanted out of life at this stage after such a massive loss So, I joined forces with my beautiful mum in a struggling Day Nursery business. It was whilst running that business that I discovered what it really takes to grow a business from the ground up.

It took a lot of hard graft but within 6 months I took that business to 6 figures.

Now, we run a Million-Pound chain of Day Nurseries.

Within months, I started getting invitations to speak across the world and I started helping women build a successful business, using their Story to empower others.

Then I launched The Lucrative Lady and started coaching other women on how to win in life and business

I truly believe that anyone can change the direction of their life because I am living proof of it.

And in this blog and with everything that the Lucrative Lady stands for, I hope you see that too.

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