Facebook Marketing Bundle with Resell Rights
Facebook Marketing Bundle with Resell Rights
Facebook Marketing Bundle with Resell Rights
Facebook Marketing Bundle with Resell Rights
Facebook Marketing Bundle with Resell Rights
Facebook Marketing Bundle with Resell Rights
Facebook Marketing Bundle with Resell Rights
Facebook Marketing Bundle with Resell Rights
Facebook Marketing Bundle with Resell Rights
Facebook Marketing Bundle with Resell Rights
Facebook Marketing Bundle with Resell Rights
Facebook Marketing Bundle with Resell Rights
Facebook Marketing Bundle with Resell Rights
Facebook Marketing Bundle with Resell Rights
Facebook Marketing Bundle with Resell Rights
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Facebook Marketing Bundle with Resell Rights

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It helps to...

✅ Stay top of mind with your customers and prospects
✅ Remain relevant and timely
✅ Build a loyal following
✅ Engage your audience
✅ Build Know, Like & Trust factor in your business
✅ Create Messaging that finally sticks
Facebook Marketing Bundle with Resell Rights

Facebook Marketing Bundle with Resell Rights

Product description


Facebook Marketing Bundle with Resell Rights

Would You Like To discover how to

Get Hundreds Of Leads From Facebook™ DAILY, Absolutely Free?

then keep reading…

Imagine getting your post to the TOP of the Facebook™ Newsfeed and Generate Hundreds of Leads WITHOUT spamming or annoying your audience.

Get Access to the Facebook™ Marketing Bundle to get the “plug & play” System (and Hacks) to having Facebook™ do the marketing FOR YOU, WITHOUT spending a penny on Ads

★★★ FEATURES ★★★

You’ll receive an EDITABLE copy of EVERYTHING included in this Vault for you to brand all the documents to your biz and sell it as your own)


Just imagine if you could…

✅ Cut down to zero, the time you take trying to come up with the next epic content, write the content, record the video, edit it, publish it and instead, just open a document that has been pre-loaded with content you can simply ‘copy and paste’ 

 Imagine all the extra time you could be spending with your family instead

✅ Go on compute-free holidays because your content is SORTED! 

Whilst you’re away, the only thing keeping you up are the “pings” from your Stripe or Paypal payment notifications for money deposited in your bank account

✅ Rest easy knowing that unlike other Coaches or Service Providers who are NOT using my ‘The Facebook™ Marketing Bundle’, you have your content sorted for an entire year, meaning that you can step off the hamster wheel and focus on the parts of your business that truly light your fire

✅ Not to mention, having an influx of leads who will land on your Facebook™ Profile completely in love with your content and ready to buy your stuff!

Sounds like a dream? This could be your new reality!


★★★ WHAT YOU GET ★★★


Inside ‘The Facebook™ Marketing Bundle’ You’ll Find a Step-By-Step That Covers:

The Facebook™ Marketing Bundle

A Step-By-Step Course that gives you Facebook™ Superpowers. 


Part 1: The Facebook Profile for Marketing & Selling

Ever wondered how marketers use their Facebook profile to grow their businesses without getting a slap on the wrist from Facebook? In Part 1 we'll be covering EVERYTHING there is to know about marketing with your Facebook Profile from how to audit your friends list, position your brand to what types of content to create for your Ideal Clients

Part 2: The Facebook Page for Brand Positioning, Marketing & Selling

Ever heard the saying that Facebook pages are dead? think again! Your Facebook page is a marketing goldmine and when used correctly will funnel your Ideal Clients into your Sales System, whether that's to ‘Schedule a Call', ‘Join your email list' or ‘Purchase a product

The most incredible thing about the strategies you’ll be learning inside this intensive is that they’re mostly Evergreen. This means that you can ‘set it and forget it’ and when done correctly, Facebook will continue sending amazing Leads your way… for Free!

Part 3: Close sales and enrol clients on Facebook Messenger like a pro!

You see that Facebook Messenger app on your phone, yea… it's a Sales System in itself! In this part of the workshop I'll be sharing a script for closing clients in Messenger without ever needing to speak on the phone (if you don't want to)

You’ll get a copy of the messenger script and understand the psychology behind it so that you can use it over and over again!

Part 4: Warming-up the Facebook Algorithm

Have you been puzzled by the ever-changing Facebook Algorithm? Is trying to figure out what will make your posts standout like taking a class in Algebra? I don't blame you!

The Facebook Algorithm is the holy-grail for using Facebook effectively and in this part of the workshop, you’ll finally learn ‘HOW’ the algorithm works, what NOT to do and how to have it working in YOUR favour

Part 5: Creating Irresistible Content That leads to Sales

This intensive truly packs a punch!

If you have ever wondered what types of content actually WORK on Facebook, I’ll be breaking it down and giving you your own content strategy to help you create content that drives your Ideal Clients to the ‘buy’ button.


Bonus #1: 90 Days Facebook™ Reels Ideas [WITH EXAMPLES]

These video ideas work great for boosting your engagement with the power of stories and short video content

Creating viral content that grabs attention requires strategy

You have 3 seconds to grab your audience's attention so the first few seconds of your Instagram reel or Tik Tok are KEY to grabbing your audience's attention

Each video idea comes with links to examples so that you can see how to create your own

Bonus #2: 50 Inspirational Facebook™ posts

Create eye-catching images and quotes using these Inspirational Facebook™ post templates, perfect for biz owners who want to:

✅ Establish themselves as an industry leader in their niche

✅ Grow their Facebook™ account

✅ Nurture their existing audience with share-worthy, engaging and educational content.

Bonus #3: 20 Stunning Offer Display Mock-up Templates

Use this set of the most stunning online course, digital products, printable planners and journal mock-up templates to display your digital or printable products on Facebook™ (or your own sales page, Etsy, your own website, or other websites)

Simply add your own branding using a FREE Canva account and you’re all set!

Bonus #4: Facebook™ Ads Masterclass

Ok, I know that this bundle is about using Facebook™ Ads “organically’ but what if you could master how to run Paid Ads the “RIGHT” way too? 

Bonus #5: Access To My Private Members-Only Community

Join my Private Members-Only Community and connect with me and my team whenever you like plus, meet 1000+ biz owners

Grab The Ultimate ‘Facebook™ Marketing Bundle’ That Helps Your Business To:

✅ ​Stay top of mind with your customers and prospects

✅ ​Remain relevant and timely 

✅ ​Build a loyal following

✅ Engage your audience

✅ ​Build Know, Like & Trust factor in your business

✅ ​Create Messaging that finally sticks

✅ Turn social media followers into BUYERS

✅ ​Generate sales on demand

✅ ​Roll out offers confidently 

✅ ​Continuously promote your blog articles, newsletters, videos, podcasts or slide decks without boring your followers

✅ ​Dish out engaging posts DAILY without stressing

✅ ​Ditch the overwhelm and step out of the content creation hamster wheel

✅ ​Finally stay on top of running your business instead of your business running YOU




✔ Use this Instagram Carousel Template for your personal or business social media account

✔ Use this Instagram Carousel Template for your website or blog

✔ Use this Instagram Carousel Template for your coaching clients and business

✔ Edit this Instagram Carousel Template any way you wish: edit text, add images, etc.



❌ Resell, reproduce or redistribute by electronic means (even as a freebie) this Instagram Carousel Template in any way other than your personal or business social media accounts. 

❌ This is a digital product that is delivered via instant download, therefore, no refund can be issued.

❌ These files may not be sold or redistributed in digital or printed form.

❌ All rights reserved © Branderry.com

Thank you so much for looking.



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