The Perfect Close Sales System
The Perfect Close Sales System
The Perfect Close Sales System
The Perfect Close Sales System
The Perfect Close Sales System
The Perfect Close Sales System
The Perfect Close Sales System
The Perfect Close Sales System
The Perfect Close Sales System
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The Perfect Close Sales System

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It helps to...

✅ Be excited to jump on with your ideal prospects knowing, no matter what, you’ve got the ability to change someone's life!
✅ Ditch the outdated sales scripts you’ve been using that have turned off 90% of the people you have spoken to
✅ Consistently add new, ideal clients to your coaching program adding thousands in revenue every time you jump on the phone with a prospect
✅ Prove all your doubters wrong and finally build the business that you’ve been dreaming of for the last year!
The Perfect Close Sales System

The Perfect Close Sales System

$197.00 $497.00
Product description

The Perfect Close Sales System

The art and science of closing 80%+ of your sales calls with heart… even if you're not a "natural"

I’d got tired of the rigid, close at all cost sales systems the “gurus” were teaching.

And after spending months of failed calls, emnbarrasing lessons and slow progress I’d finally cracked the code on closing with heart. 

This sales system helped me consistently close at 80%... helped me finally get out of the feast and famine cycle and it allowed me to provide for my family whilst working just 2-3 hours per day.

Now I want to pass this knowledge and skill on to you!

The Perfect Close Sales System is a complete mental shift in how you think (and execute) your sales process.

This course isn't about hard selling your prospects at all cost… thats just not how we do it.

Instead, The Perfect Close goes much deeper

It's not about your script, or even the words you say. It’s about YOU and delivering the value you have in the right way.

In The Perfect Close, you'll learn…

✅ The RIGHT way to prep for your calls so you can jump on with confidence and belief in yourself and your coaching.
✅ Create fairy tale endings to your sales conversation by building genuine relationships with your prospects and guiding them to the only logical solution (buying your program)
✅ The easy to implement process I use to "win over" every prospect BEFORE I even make an offer or talk about my coaching program.
✅ How to never sound scripted again - everyone can see right through it when you're reading word for word from a sales script.
✅ My proven 12 step "heart felt" sales formula that has helped me and my clients generate over $5,284,287 in the last 2 years.
✅ Easy strategies to break the ice when starting a sales call and finally say "bye bye" to that awkward moment at the start of your calls.
✅ The right way to stay in control and effectively "guide" your prospect through the sales call without feeling pushy or forceful.
✅ How to blast through surface level problems and objections to actually get to the "real", deep seeded issue holding your prospect back - the one that you're going to solve!
✅ Ethical ways to uncover your prospects emotional primers and show them how your program is the answer they've been looking for.
✅ The ONLY way to position your offer that will have your clients basically scrambling to join your program and give you money.
✅ My 3 step objection handling framework to blast through any objection your prospects throw at you.
And So Much More...

Plus, You Get Access To These Exclusive Bonuses:

BONUS #1 - My Powerful Strategy Call Pre-qualifier

Use these strategically crafted questions to Pre-qualify your Prospects so that you know that when you get on a sales call with them, you have TOTAL CONFIDENCE that they are READY to invest in you.

BONUS #2 - My Favourite Sales Objection Destroyer

This is the 'Secret Weapon' that we use to move people who have said 'Yes' on a Call, to actually depositing the money into our bank account, destroying all further objections along the way.

BONUS #3 - The Ultimate Leads & Sales Tracker

Keep track of all the moving parts in your business is tough enough as it is, and when it comes to ‘Sales’, this is one not to lose track of. Use this tracker to keep track of all your leads and conversion.

BONUS #4 - The Objections Rolodex

One of the key areas where sales are lost is at the very end, those pesky objections. We don’t crush objections, we DESTROY them. Use our objections rolodex to craft the PERFECT response to the top 5 objections that happen in 99.9% of sales calls.

BONUS #5 - Members-Only Community

Join me inside our Members-only community where you can get further support, have your questions answered and team up with other members inside this program. 

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★★★ WHAT YOU GET ★★★

Step-by-step walkthrough of how to use this The Perfect Close Sales System.

In this training, I break down exactly how to hold a Sales Conversation that leads to a ‘Yes’

✅ My ‘Secret’ closing script that has led to multiple 6-figures in sales

✅ ”Becoming an Amazing Sales Machine” playbook to give you the tools you need at a glance

 Instant Download + PDF Guide + Tutorial

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