The Ultimate "Done-For-You Client Enrollment System" Bundle
The Ultimate "Done-For-You Client Enrollment System" Bundle
The Ultimate "Done-For-You Client Enrollment System" Bundle
The Ultimate "Done-For-You Client Enrollment System" Bundle
The Ultimate "Done-For-You Client Enrollment System" Bundle
The Ultimate "Done-For-You Client Enrollment System" Bundle
The Ultimate "Done-For-You Client Enrollment System" Bundle
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The Ultimate "Done-For-You Client Enrollment System" Bundle

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It helps to...

✅ Seize attention
✅ Set expectations
✅ Infuse the enthusiasm
The Ultimate "Done-For-You Client Enrollment System" Bundle

The Ultimate "Done-For-You Client Enrollment System" Bundle

Product description

​​Introducing The Ultimate "Done-For-You Client Enrollment System" Bundle: Your Gateway to Effortless Coaching Success!

Are you ready to unlock coaching success that's not just transformative but also completely streamlined? 

Imagine a world where every moment is dedicated to igniting transformation, while the burdensome paperwork becomes a thing of the past. 

Your desires are about to become reality with the extraordinary "Done-For-You Client Enrollment System" bundle.

Picture a realm where you're not entangled in paperwork, but where your focus is solely on crafting incredible client experiences. 

The "Done-For-You Client Enrollment System" bundle is your golden ticket to this realm, paving the way for you to infuse every ounce of your energy into what you do best: guiding your clients to astounding breakthroughs.

Let me take you on a quick journey – a story that perfectly illustrates why this bundle is an absolute must-have in your coaching arsenal.

A while back, as I was starting out on my coaching journey, I was over the moon about welcoming a new client onboard. 

But what followed was unexpected – my excitement fizzled as I realized that my first impression had fallen flat. 

Instead of a captivating welcome, my client received a run-of-the-mill email that did nothing to convey the amazing journey we were about to embark on. 

It was a missed opportunity, and I could sense the momentum slipping away before we even began.

Those initial coaching sessions were far from the enthusiastic kickstart I had envisioned. 

I had the knowledge and the passion, but I had underestimated the power of that first impression. 

I needed something that would: 

  • Seize their attention
  • Set expectations
  • Infuse the enthusiasm I felt for our journey together.

Fast forward to the present day, and my coaching practice has undergone a remarkable transformation. 

I stumbled upon the perfect "Done-For-You Client Enrollment System" bundle, and let me tell you, it's been a complete game-changer. 

But here's the gem that really stood out for me – the "Client Intake Letter." This wasn't just a piece of paper; it was a bridge, a connection that linked me and my clients right from the start.

Client Intake Letter Template

With the bundle in hand, I could finally send out a warm, personalized welcome that not only showcased my expertise but also conveyed the genuine care I had for their success. 

And the change was incredible. 

Clients came into our initial sessions with purpose, trust, and a sense of anticipation. 

The "Client Intake Letter" had set the stage for meaningful conversations that propelled our coaching relationship forward.

Imagine the luxury of having time at your fingertips – no more drowning in administrative minutiae. 

With the "Coaching NDA" and "Non-Compete Agreement," trust levels rise, setting the stage for monumental breakthroughs. 

"Coaching NDA" and "Non-Compete Agreement Template

Your professionalism skyrockets with the "Goal Clarity & Action Plan Workbook," shaping the coaching journey into a transformational masterpiece.

Goal Clarity & Action Plan Workbook Template

Efficiency becomes your sidekick as the "Coaching Agreement"  eradicate document chaos. 

"Coaching Agreement" Template

The "Done-For-You Client Enrolment System" bundle isn't just about the materials – it's about the Transformation it ignites within your coaching practice.

This bundle is your Gateway to Legendary Coaching Triumph

Are you ready to embrace the extraordinary? 

Secure your "Done-For-You Client Enrolment System" bundle, and embark on a journey where your coaching brilliance shines unhindered. 


But that's not all this bundle offers. Let me walk you through the treasure trove of transformation that awaits you:

  • Client Welcome Packet Template: this done-for-you pack is a must have for laying the right foundations for your new clients (Usually $19)
  • Non Compete Agreement: Safeguard your unique coaching style and create an exclusive haven for your expertise. (Usually $17.21)
  • Coaching Intake Form: Dive deep into your clients' needs and craft tailored coaching experiences for rapid results. (Usually $19.27)
  • Coaching NDA: Cultivate an environment of trust and open communication, fostering uninhibited growth. (Usually $21.97)
  • Copyright Agreement: Safeguard your intellectual property and preserve your creative genius. (Usually $18.23)
  • Coaching Agreement: Lay the foundation for a solid coaching journey with clear responsibilities and expectations. (Usually $21.61)
  • Video Release Form: Get permission to record all your sessions while ensuring compliance and authenticity. (Usually $21.97)
  • Client Intake Letter: Craft a warm, engaging welcome that sets the tone for the coaching adventure. (17.00)
  • Coaching Program Off-boarding Form: Gather invaluable feedback for constant improvement. (Usually $37.00)
  • Goal Clarity & Action Plan Template: Empower your clients with structured goal setting and actionable plans. (Usually $27.00)

That experience taught me a powerful lesson – coaching is about more than just knowledge; it's about forging connections. 

It's about setting the right expectations and creating an environment where clients feel valued and heard from day one. 

The "Done-For-You Client Enrolment System" bundle gives you the tools to do just that.

So, my friend, if you've ever felt the weight of a lackluster first impression, I want you to know there's a solution. 

This bundle isn't just about templates; it's about transforming your coaching practice by crafting powerful first impressions that lead to lasting transformations. 

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